Name: Balqees Oladejo

Age: 13

Sports Played: Basketball

Home State: Minnesota

Balqees is a 13 year old basketball player from Minnesota. She is known to have natural athleticism and works hard to achieve her goals while simultaneously fulfilling her responsibilities as a student and big sister. Her mentor describes her as a model student who prioritizes and takes the time to truly understand her role as an athlete and scholar. Balqees applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for her basketball participation fees.

“What sports mean to me is an activity I do to help me get more physical, skilled, confidence and it is enjoyable and fun because I like to get really competitive. I have determination to play basketball/ sports, having a basketball ball career, getting competitive, having fun with my teammates, making sure even if we win or lose in a game we can still do much more better than we are and get better at the sport.”

Balqees Oladejo, Basketball Player