Name: Joey Desir

Age: 18

Sports Played: Football & Track

Home State: North Dakota

Joey is an 18 year old track and football player from North Dakota. He is an ambitious athlete who will being playing college football at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. Joey is apart of the National Honors Society and is also involved in his community; volunteering at church, foster care support, and a volunteer football coach. He applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for his participation and equipment fees for his track season.

Joey Desir May 2023 InSports Scholarship

“My character has been shaped by perseverance through sports. I never missed a single practice or game in my four years. Even when things got hard like illness or injury, I found a way to stick it out. This year I found my voice and leadership role. With my experience in the football program, I felt prepared for what I was capable of as a leader. Two things I learned that completely shifted my leadership were the “no complaint rule” and you must give respect to earn respect!” 

Joey Desir, Football Player