Name: Jany Hoth

Age: 16

Sports Played: Basketball

Home State: Minnesota

Jany is a 16 year old basketball player from Minnesota. He has been playing basketball since elementary school and currently plays on his Varsity and AAU teams. He hopes to get better at basketball and continue to work hard.  Jany applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for his AAU registration fee for his team, the MN Southeast Stars.

Basketball and I go down a long road, I have been interested in basketball ever since my days in elementary school. I begged my mom to play basketball and promised that I would do good in school at the same time, soon she gave in and allowed me to play. Which was possibly the funnest times I’ve had as a kid not only playing basketball which I love but with people I was close with and trusted.

Jany Hoth, Basketball Player