Name: Alexis Ibanez

Age: 10

Sports Played: Basketball & Softball

Home State: Minnesota

Alexis is a 10 year old basketball and softball player from Minnesota. Her love for sports and the challenge of athletic competition is something to admire. Not only does she play basketball and softball, she is fearless enough to take on and crush flag football in her home town and is known as the top 4th grade athlete in town. Alexis is constantly trying to improve and is the a player every coach wants, according to who own coach, Gerald Brekke. Alexis applied for an InSports scholarship to help pay for the registration fees for her softball and basketball teams.

“Sports to me is working with your team and/or group and working with people younger and older than you. think sports is an energizing thing and you can hang out with your friends or even meet new people. I love sports I’ve played a lot. Sports is a very fun way of getting exercise and I think it’s fun. I think I deserve a scholarship because for me being an older sister to three younger siblings, we don’t have a lot of money. A lot of people say I’m good at sports and I have been getting better and practicing more. I’ve been told that playing sports can help me go to college someday.”

Alexis Ibanez, Student Athlete