Name: Araya Mitchell

Age: 13

Sports Played: Basketball & Volleyball

Home State: Minnesota

Araya is a 13 year old basketball & volleyball player from Minnesota. She is an ambitious student athlete who demonstrates amazing leadership skills on and off the court. Not only does she practice two sports, she is also on the honor roll and advanced math track academically. Araya applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for her participation in AAU basketball.

Participating in sports is important to me for many reasons. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people and build strong relationships with my teammates and friends who also participate in sports. Playing team sports helps me develop skills to work as a team. Playing multiple sports keeps me healthy because I exercise many times a week, all year long. It gives me the opportunity to travel to places I may not have gotten to go to with my family. Participating in sports is a fun way to spend my time. Sports also creates more opportunities for me as I could get a sports scholarship for college.

Araya Mitchell, Basketball & Volleyball Player