Name: Jaydon King

Age: 14

Sports Played: Basketball

Home State: Minnesota

Jaydon is a 14 year old basketball player from Minnesota. He believes that participating on his AAU basketball team will help him get one step closer to his dream of becoming a professional athlete. She is an ambitious student athlete who has been playing tennis since she was 5 years old. Jaydon’s goals are to grow has a basketball player and to keep getting A’s in school. Jaydon applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for his tournament fees and to make his mom proud.

Sports has always been a big part of my dreams to play at the next level. I feel like sports helps me take my mind off of things, like if I’m ha being a bad day and am just feeling down, but then I remember I have practice after school it always makes my day a lot better. I don’t just play basketball to just have fun I play with a passion and a determination to always get better no matter the sacrifice.”

Jaydon King, Basketball Player