Name: Shay Jackson

Age: 14

Sports Played: Baseball & Basketball

Home State: Minnesota

Shay is a 14 year old baseball & basketball player from Minnesota. He’s also dedicated to his studies, maintaining a spot on the honor roll while pursuing his athletic dreams. In addition to basketball, Shay has set his sights on getting ranked in the state of Minnesota for baseball. Shay applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for registration, tryout, travel, and equipment fees for his basketball and baseball seasons.

“Sports mean a lot to me because I have put a lot of hours of training and practice in. Sports have also been one of my main focuses growing up and I have worked really hard at them. I think I deserve this scholarship because it will help with out of state travel fees and expensive sports equipment that needs to be bought every year. Sports have also tought me many different life lessons such as how to be a leader , a good teammate , and to communicate and make friends.”

Shay Jackson, Basketball & Baseball Player