Team/Organization Name: Mosaic Hockey Collective

Kids Impacted: 65

Sport: Hockey

Team Location: Richfield, MN

Mosaic Hockey Collective is a newly formed 501c3 which focuses on building an inclusive hockey community that empowers players of color with skills, resources, and positive experiences to grow and give back to the game. Their vision is to ensure that every young person of color who has a desire to play hockey is guided, encouraged, and supported as they pursue their goal in the sport. The kids in our program are looking for development opportunities to improve their game. The funds will allow for us to provide extra ice to practice skills and build a community within a community. The ability to bond once a week will develop more buy-in in the sport and allow their players to have more positive experiences and become the next coaches, referees, front office executives and have those spaces be more representative of the communities in which we live.