Name: David Vazquez-Hernandez

Age: 13

Sports Played: Soccer

Home State: Minnesota

David is a 13 year old soccer player from Minnesota. He is currently in 8th grade who has dreams of playing Varsity Soccer in High School and is working towards his goals to have better dribbling skills, use his upper body strength, and time his tackles accurately. Davis also has academic goals to succeed and pass 8th grade with a 4.0 GPA. David will be using the funds to pay for his soccer association registration fees.

“To me, sports means teaching life lessons like respect, teamwork, perseverance. Soccer is more than just a sport, it is where you can meet some amazing people who become your family. My coach has become like a father figure for me since my own dad is absent. I look up to him for advice on life, soccer, and school.” 

David Vazquez-Hernandez, Soccer Player