Name: Jada Lyons

Age: 14

Sports Played: Volleyball

Home State: Minnesota

Jada is a 14 year old volleyball player from Minnesota. She hopes to improve her volleyball skills to reach her goal of playing for her High School Junior Varsity Team. She is a hardworking individual who gives it her all every time she steps onto the court. When she is not playing volleyball, Jada enjoys playing the violin in her symphony orchestra group at school. Jada applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for her volleyball club registration fees.

“When I think of what sports mean to me, I think of the team aspect. Having a good relationship with your teammates and coaches is so important when it comes to being on a team. I love sports because it lets me get my mind off things like school, which can sometimes stress me out. I don’t have to focus on an upcoming test when I’m playing sports. I can focus on getting better at my sport and working on other skills. I consider it therapeutic. It calms me down yet riles me up at the same time. Every time I play volleyball I get so excited because I know I get to improve on something.”

Jada Lyons, Volleyball Player