Name: Andrea Gonzalez

Age: 15

Sports Played: Soccer

Home State: Minnesota

Meet Andrea Gonzalez, a dedicated and passionate young athlete. At just 15 years old, she has demonstrated remarkable commitment to soccer, both as a player and as a leader. In her own words, soccer is not just a hobby but a way of life, and she deeply values the friendships and opportunities it has brought her. Her coach, Jason Popkin, attests to Andrea’s incredible growth as a player, transforming from a novice into a skilled and strategic team member. What truly sets Andrea apart is her unique blend of competitiveness on the field and compassion off it, making her a true embodiment of sportsmanship. With her exceptional athletic abilities, strong academic commitment, and outstanding character, Andrea is the perfect choice for the InSports Foundation Sports Scholarship. Her dedication, teamwork, and integrity make her a shining example of a scholar-athlete, and she will undoubtedly shine in all her future endeavors.

Andrea Gonzalez

“Soccer is a sport that I grew up to love because of all of the friendships I have gained and the opportunities I have been given. I love soccer because, in addition to it being a fun activity it teaches me skills that will benefit me on a day to day basis. It taught me the importance of leadership, teamwork, and communication. There is no greater feeling than stepping onto the field before a game. It makes me feel free. Many people just do sports as a hobby but it isn’t just a hobby to me. Soccer is my life.”

Andrea Gonzalez, Soccer Player