Name: Cain Vazquez-Morgan

Age: 15

Sports Played: Soccer

Home State: Minnesota

Cain is a 15 year old basketball player from Minnesota. He is an honest, caring young man who is passionate about soccer.  Cain had the opportunity to play in a league last fall and has had the opportunity to practice weekly over the winter.  He loves the sport and dreams of being a professional soccer player. The funds will be used towards registration fees for Cain’s Soccer Association.

“Ever since I started playing soccer, I have overcome anxiety with making new friends. I went from having absolutely no friends at school to making friends that are like family on the team. My coaches are positive role models in my life and I look up to them whenever I am feeling down. Ever since joining soccer, I feel more confident and my mental health is much better.” 

Cain Vazquez-Morgan, Soccer Player