Name: Isabelle Tappen

Age: 8

Sports Played: Jiu-jitsu

Home State: Wisconsin

Isabelle is an 8 year old from Wisconsin who competes in Jiu-jitsu.  She is working on getting her gray belt and plans to compete in her first tournament this month and a few more this summer. When she is not practicing Jiu-jitsu, Isabelle enjoys reading, math, and volunteering with pre-school Sunday school. Her teacher, describes her as a dedicated individual who is determined and has a positive, friendly attitude. Isabelle applied for an InSports Scholarship to help pay for her Jiu-jitsu tournament fees and membership.

“In the beginning jiu-jitsu was hard. I didn’t know the moves and sometimes I got hurt or cried. My coaches and teammates including my Dad and older brother encouraged me and I didn’t give up. Now I have been doing it a year and I am stronger and more confident. I can help new people and I’m more outgoing in class. Now I can teach and encourage my younger brother who just started jiu-jitsu. doing sports and jiu-jitsu helps me feel strong and brave. I know when things are hard I can keep trying and not give up. I can be a leader and help others.”

Isabelle Tappen, Jiu-jitsu Competitor